Sunday, 29 April 2012


Hey Everyone!
My blogging seems to be getting more and more distant. I just haven't had the inspiration to blog due to AS exam stress! Got exams in 3/4 weeks so blogging time goes down & revision time goes up I'm afraid! 

On a good note! I am blogging today! I was looking through my mums reveal magazine and came across a coupon for £1 off May's COMPANY magazine, never read this magazine before but I see its name pop up now and then so though why not. WELL! Let me just say, I've never spent more time examining a magazines texture than the actual content but COMPANY magazine's paper is AMAZINGGG! Seriously If you don't believe me go out and buy it! It's not the usual glossy paper you'd find on other fashion magazines its just really smooth and undescribable! LOL can't believe im babbling on about paper here!

Moving on.....The content of the magazine itself impressed me alot! It covered music, high street fashion, street style, DIYS & bloggers, all the latest trends and even celebrity interviews with Reggie Yates & Rihanna!! Theres even a page with tips on how to achieve the latest nail tren 'Stiletto Nails'. Kate Bosworth takes the front cover of May's issue with her dip-dyed hair & this month's issue comes with a combined eyeliner, one side being liquid and the other is pencil, soon to be tested.

I'm lost for words on how great this magazine actually is! It was definitely worth blogging about, excited for next months issue.

love&kisses, Tee xo
(Apologies for the dullness of the photos.)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Quick Note: More Thank Yous & Exams!

Great news! I have officially completed AS Photography! 
Time has gone oh so quick! I actually cant believe ive been in college for 8 months already. Feels like I literally started the other day. Had my photography exam today, 5 hours long! Trust me all those hours are very much needed, despite stressing though I managed to get through it all. Now just to wait for that grade!
 Also, I now only have 3 days of college a week. Time to catch on some much needed sleep, cannot wait! I'm literally 3/4 weeks away from my final 4 AS exams and then AS is done! I felt the 5 year time period of school but college feels like weeks instead of months.
Good Luck to everyone in exam period at the moment. Think positive & I wish you all the best!
Marilyn Monroe - A great fashion icon & a beautiful woman! Based alot of my photography work around her.
BIG thank you to everyone that commented on my recent 'Alternative Fashion Find' post about the Zara bag! Nice to see that it appealed to so many of you. Please do let me know if there are any popular or just normal items that you would like to find a cheaper alternative for!!! 

Blogging is literally been such a great way for me to learn new things and discover new people. Each and every person that comes across my blog and adds to my views/comments is much appreciated! Have to give up some blog time to revise for exams so I may only be doing one post during the week and then one at the weekend or only posting when I have something worth blogging!

love&kisses, Tee xo

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Alternative Fashion Find #2

Zara's Plaited Leather Shopper - £79.99

This bag appears to be VERY popular at the moment. Im seeing it everywhere, even my mums got her eye on it. Its a lovely sized bag for its namesake, SHOPPING! I loved the bag when I first saw it but the price tag was a bit too much for me to part with for a bag HOWEVER this is a fashion find post so there is an alternative.


 Whilst having my usual browse of ebay I came across this lovely replica of the zara shopper complete with the plaited handle! For how much ... £13.90 ! How great is this website, I dont even have an account yet but I shall soon be joining! Im sure you'd be able to find it somewhere else on ebay for possibly a bit cheaper. Cant believe it, now just to convince my mum that this is worth it !

love&kisses, Tee xo
Not gonna have alot of time to blog soon as exams are coming up! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


 Faux Fur Coat - Rokit
Photography exams next week! Eeek! 5 Hours Long As Well!
My plan Is to stay smiling all week! April showers Is oh so depressing for me!
The original reason for creating this blog was to give me something as back up when I apply for Fashion Photography at uni. I realised that I've become so interested in the style side of my blog that I hardly ever post my photography on here. 

Im in exam preparation at the moment so I'v been getting a load of ideas together for my final mounts. I chose to work with word ICON. Marilyn Monroe influenced my choice mostly, she came to my head straight away and I thought It would be great to link the word to fashion & get a load of fashion related photos in my work along with other stuff. These are the photos I got of my friend Zahra today, she's one of my best models in photography! Complete with my red lipstick & fur coat, which I purchased from Rokit a while back & still haven't taken the tag off, I tried to create a glamorous photoshoot. Really happy with the outcomes & will be using some in my exam work for sure!

love&kisses, Tee xo

Sunday, 15 April 2012

This Week's Snapshots #4

(Line 1)
Nandos With A Few Friends.
Chocolate Coated Marshmallows
H&M's Slim Nail Polish Next To My Chunky Barry M Polish.
Wednesday's Face.
(Line 2)
Dinner @ All Star Lanes.
Lack Of Style In Revision Books. (That Horrid Green Bag Is 'Gucci' Apparently)
Rebecca's Drawing Of 'Dribble' On Draw Something
Monopoly With The Girls.
Revision On A Sunny Sunday.

I've set it out like this today as next week thursday Picnik, a great editing site for photos and collages, is shutting down! So I thought I'd take advantage of it one last time.
Enjoy your weekend!

love&kisses, Tee xo

Sunday Stylist: Janelle Monae // This Is A Wo(Mans) World ♥

Todays stylista is ....... Janelle Monae.

I am a big fan of this womans style. Janelle Monae is an American RnB/Soul singer signed to Pdiddys Bad Boy Records and Atlantic Records.  She is a great example of women wearing menswear and she wears it very well! Never one to shy away from a tux and a pair of black trousers in a suitlike manner, Janelle shows that menswear can be pulled off by a woman as much as any man. I've found recently that men's shirts are more comfortable and fit nicer than womans ones. I own a few myself from H&M and Dr. Marten. I love her collection of blazers as well, I love how a blazer can define your body shape just from where it dips in at the waist.
As well as clothing, have you seen this womans hair! Her style is very retro and that quiff says it all. I love how she changes it around a bit from time to time. A man on my train yesterday was sporting a similar quiff and was dressed very retro in a 'Danny Zuko from Grease' style. Retro may not be so retro anymore as the style has started to come back in to fashion at the moment. 

 Here's one of her songs. Its called 'Tightrope' and features Big Boi from Outkast. Click Here!
Back to college tomorrow BLEHHH!

love&kisses, Tee xo

Friday, 13 April 2012

Recent Buys.


'I have banned myself from shopping until I put hard work into college' is what I said just last week. 

Now before I hang my head in shame, I did not PAY for these items. Does that count? My mum & me decided to take a late night trip to westend & I managed to get a few things in primark, she paid :)
These are more like essentials to me than things I just wanted. 

love&kisses, Tee xo

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Last Week's Snapshots #3

Chilling in my new Docs.
Revision At The Ready!
A page from my photography exam sketchbook.
Quick Sess Of Zumba On Wii!
Beyonce Tweets! 3.5 Million Followers & 1 Tweet!
Mucking about with Barry M 'Pink Flamingo' & 'Strawberry Ice Cream'
Making little jelly pots for nephews 1st birthday!
Cant believe it's been so cold last week! Not that I went further than the end of the road but judging by everyones complaints and the view from my window I'd say it wasnt a good one. Very lazy week I must say, will defo be out and about more this week! 

love&kisses, Tee xo
This post decided to not upload yesterday so sorry for the delay.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

April Wishlist.

1. Platform Trainers from New Look.
2. Aztec Print Skirt from Motel
3. Cambridge Satchel.
4. Pleated Maxi skirt from Forever21
5. Monochrome Shirt from Select
6. Black Blazer from H&M

love&kisses, Tee xo

DIY #1 : Jeans To Shorts!

 Had a creative mindset yesterday and a sudden outburst caused me to grab a pair of old baggy jeans from my wardrobe. I bought these jeans a long while back from primark, I actually have 2 pairs but im not a big fan of them as their boyfriend fit so their overly baggy & I'm more a skinny jean person. This particular pair had a large slit (not one that came with the jeans) across the leg so i thought to DIY this pair. I cut off the legs with my good old IKEA scissors, hand sewed it at the bottom and folded up the ends, I'm not really one for using a sewing machine, I have mad thoughts of stitching my own hand lool! 

I think the final outcome was better than I expected for my first time doing something like this. I wanna add something to them though their still a bit plain & really baggy. Maybe a few studs or different fabric to the pockets, hmm? I love that it already has ripped bits in it. 

What to DIY next?

love&kisses, Tee xo

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Metallic Dining.

Blazer - Moschino | Dress - Random Shop | Ring - H&M | Belt & Shoes - Primark

I found this dress in a shop for only £10! I keep thinking its too plain though i wanna add something to the shoulders, they've got flaps on. Was thinking either shoulder pads or some studs? At first I thought I was gonna have to attend the wedding in tights but luckily found these metallic gold shoes in my wardrobe :) Added the thin belt just to add something else to the plain dress and my beloved blazer! I carried my big weatherproof jacket as well though, no mucking about!

 Yesterday I went to my uncles wedding at greenwich uni right next to the thames! Sea breeze is not the one, believe me! Was a lovely night, my uncle is a big fan of star wars and had the theme tune mixed in to the wedding song. Dined in style as well, 4 different glasses (Water, Champagne, White & Red Wine) and all the cutlery, working from outside inwards. As a gift to the guests everyone got lottery tickets! I only got 2 numbers, one more I would have been £10 richer. The night ended with a lot of crazy dancing on the dancefloor but it made the night one to remember. 
love&kisses, Tee xo