Saturday, 28 February 2015

Shooting With Ellen Atlanta

Ellen from

Trying to do a shoot at LFW is a bit tricky, when other photographers are surrounding you trying to take shots too.
Something I've been wanting to do for a while is shoot blog photos for another blogger and knew when I got my client project for uni that was what I was going to do. In case you don't know I am currently studying Fashion Styling & Photography, specialising in photography at uni. I contacted Ellen to see if she would want to collab for my client based project & her blog and was glad when she was happy to work with me. 
She's such a lovely girl in person, so glad we got to meet and work together. She'd never been to London Fashion Week before & wasn't prepared for the swarm of photographers that approached her every time we tried to get around the courtyard. Literally every time I was about to take a photo somebody appeared beside or behind me. 
That's just part of the fashion week experience I guess.
Check out Ellen's post on this outfit for details here
Pictures have been added to my portfolio as well, link below.

love&kisses, Tee xo
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Friday, 27 February 2015

LFW Feb'15 Street Style

All photos taken by me

Fashion week in London has come to an end. I snapped some of my favourite outfits & faces on the last day.
I have to say, my last two weeks have been great! In terms of the experience I've had and the people I've met, this has by far been the best fashion week for me. I started it off at Shade London's pre-LFW party last Thursday which was so much fun, followed by shows at Fashion Scout throughout the week and lastly spent hours at Somerset House getting street style shots. The street style is really what I'm about as I love to see how people dress although you can definitely tell who's trying way too hard. As usual I saw the odd blogger throughout fashion week, as you do and some great individual items & styles. I also met up with the lovely blogger Ellen Atlanta and did a shoot with her at Somerset House which I will be using for my uni project & I will share soon. Her as well as the many other lovely girls I met during the week really made it enjoyable. Two goals I've been wanting to achieve for a while are to 1) attend a fashion show and, 2) shoot blog photos for someone. Now I can say those goals are achieved, on to the next one! I can't wait for next season.

If photos are used elsewhere, please credit me x

love&kisses, Tee xo
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Sunday, 22 February 2015

LFW Day 2 | Grey Turtle

Zara Jumper | Topshop Jeans

We thank Canon for the RC-6 remote. Autofocusing from a distance. Amen!
I've developed a love for thick jumper turtlenecks, for a person who avoided them forever because I feared they would choke me, this is an big thing for my wardrobe. With London being dead cold right now, I thought that this could keep me warm. Oh no, I was wrong! Standing outside Fashion Scout in the cold, I stood no chance. Worth the wait though as I attended my first fashion show, Ones To Watch A/W '15 and loved it. I went for a comfortable outfit, pairing the jumper with my ripped Hayden jeans and converse. Comfort over fashion sometimes. I don't know how people do mini dresses and no tights in this the name of fashion, of course. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

House Of Sunny

Clean-Cut. Functional. Minimal.

That's exactly what House Of Sunny is.
A brand with a clean aesthetic, modern styles and staple pieces.
I always check to see what random brands follow me on instagram and came across these guys. Much to my surprise I found out that they are based in Hackney, a local brand earns instant support from meI'm a sucker for minimal and simple designs but I was also obsessed with how neat their instagram layout & photos were (major envy) which I felt really mirrored their whole brand identity.  At the time, I fell in love with their oversized wrap coats which almost resembled the cosiest looking dressing gowns. Something which I've tried to get into but ended up looking like I was going to bed and not anywhere productive lol. 

The new collection went live this month (pictures from the lookbook above) and the brand slogan 'clean aesthetic lux staple' is evident within it. I love how the clothes are so effortless, no hassle just literally ready to wear, throw on and go. I swear I hate those pieces that take a good few minutes just to work out how to get your arm in without dislocating it. I particularly love the duster coats & the white crop but the new monochrome print is appealing to me also. This brand reminds me of a mix between the bloggers Love Aesthetics & Charlotte Martin, two of my favourites.

Who knows maybe I'll save up & be able to add a few pieces to my wardrobe. 
Check them out though guys,