Tuesday 24 April 2012

Quick Note: More Thank Yous & Exams!

Great news! I have officially completed AS Photography! 
Time has gone oh so quick! I actually cant believe ive been in college for 8 months already. Feels like I literally started the other day. Had my photography exam today, 5 hours long! Trust me all those hours are very much needed, despite stressing though I managed to get through it all. Now just to wait for that grade!
 Also, I now only have 3 days of college a week. Time to catch on some much needed sleep, cannot wait! I'm literally 3/4 weeks away from my final 4 AS exams and then AS is done! I felt the 5 year time period of school but college feels like weeks instead of months.
Good Luck to everyone in exam period at the moment. Think positive & I wish you all the best!
Marilyn Monroe - A great fashion icon & a beautiful woman! Based alot of my photography work around her.
BIG thank you to everyone that commented on my recent 'Alternative Fashion Find' post about the Zara bag! Nice to see that it appealed to so many of you. Please do let me know if there are any popular or just normal items that you would like to find a cheaper alternative for!!! 

Blogging is literally been such a great way for me to learn new things and discover new people. Each and every person that comes across my blog and adds to my views/comments is much appreciated! Have to give up some blog time to revise for exams so I may only be doing one post during the week and then one at the weekend or only posting when I have something worth blogging!

love&kisses, Tee xo


  1. Good luck with your exams :)

    Xox Soph

    Glamorous Life

  2. Oh Marilyn, she's so beautiful! Hope your exam went well today!! xx

  3. Glad I came across your blog! :)


  4. Good luck with your exams! <3

    Ellen xx

  5. I adore this pic of her...good luck hunny

  6. Love your blog, good luck!

    xoxo 2NDtheytalk.blogspot.com


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