Monday, 27 July 2015

Sassy Pants

Now if you regularly read my blog you'll notice that outfit posts aren't something I tend to upload. For several reasons, one being that I'm a 'photographer' so it's harder for me to find someone to take my photos, another being I have limited space to do so if I take them myself. Anyways...before I ramble.
Come see how Zara sale has blessed my life guys. Have you ever seen somebody wearing something and you go on the hunt for it, image in your mind, come across it and it's on sale THEN you take it to the till and it's cheaper than the ticket price. Well hello to the best £9.99 I've spent in a long time. I have been on the hunt for these particular trousers and popped into Zara last Saturday to return a dress and saw them. The fit. PERFECT. The length. PERFECT. I can't even express how much I love them and how comfortable they are. I've named them my new Sassy Pants because I walked the streets of London feelin' myself. My style has a very basic colour palette; black, white, navy & occasional other neutral/earthy tones so these being in navy is the best thing ever. I paired them with my Topshop boots and a plain black T-shirt. Sad thing is they're not even online anymore but you might see them pop up in your local store so look out!
love&kisses, Tee xo

Monday, 20 July 2015

Wireless Festival Accessories

Silver cuff ring - eBay | Tribal Stone Rings - Primark
Hamsa Necklace - eBay | Layered Birthstone necklace - Primark
I popped into Primark to pick up some bits in the approach to Wireless and found these really nice tribal stone rings for about £3.  They came in a pack of 5 and went so well with my blue nails. I also wore this silver cuff style ring which I got from eBay for about 99p with my two tier silver ring. I've become obsessed with rings nowadays, I have to remember I only have two hands.
My necklace choices were between two so I just chose both in the end. The hamsa hand comes from eBay and I love that it is believed to protect you from evil because we all need that. The leaf and flower gem one is a layered necklace from Primark and the gemstone is my birthstone for my birthday month, December.
Clearly I had a thing for blue this day. I wanted it to match the dress I originally planned to wear but it was so hot that day I opted for my  thinner black maxi dress instead and just knotted it to make it shorter.
love&kisses, Tee xo

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tech | Majority Portable Charger

What do you do when you're about to go to a long event, your phone is your camera, social media source & music player... well you get a portable charger that's what.
I previously purchased a portable charger from eBay, the powerbank brand (posted it here) but didn't feel it did a great job in charging my phone so the second time I purchased one I decided to do a little research into what I should look for. I found out that of the mAh charger determines how much it will be able to charge your device. In order to find one that would give me the best possible charge I had to first check my phone's mAh which can easily be found if you google for example 'Samsung S4 mini battery'. Mine was under 2000 so I worked out that if I got one that was 8000mAh that should work out to at least 3 hopefully 4 full charges.
I decided to go for a bigger and better portable charger this time because I was going to Wireless Festival and wanted something that would last the whole day especially with the way Snapchat drains your battery. It has dual charging ports so you can plug in two devices at the same time but of course this will make it drain out faster as well as a LED flash light.
[Post Wireless] The charger kept my phone alive for the whole festival. Usually my phone would of died from taking photos and recording but I was able to charge it up a bit during the breaks which really helped. The charger lasts so long it was still on its first 25% when I got home, a bonus that doesn't die so quick. So I would highly recommend it.
love&kisses, Tee xo