Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Festival Outfit Ideas - Wireless 2015

So I've only ever been to one festival before and this year I'm about to go to another one. Wireless festival is NEXT WEEK and I cant wait, Drake you better turn up! I've never been before but I'm hoping it's not as muddy as the last festival I went to.
I'm still trying to piece together an outfit for the day so thought I'd turn it into a post incase I was not alone in this struggle. I've tried to cover something for everyone & any kind of festival, the items can be swapped with alternatives obviously, colour wise or you might wanna take something from one outfit and mix it with another.
Outfit 1:Dashiki/Dresses
This is the one I'm currently leaning towards, I really want a Dashiki and I'm loving the beautiful colours they come in. I've been considering a blue or green one and wearing it with trainers or boots. For this outfit I paired it with gladiator sandals which would look nice with any dress/tshirt dress. If the day is nice why not wear a dress, easy to move around just remember to eb ware when you are jumping around. I also added a small bag to put your things in e.g. glasses, camera, fringed styles are always coming in and out of fashion so I love this black one and finally a green polish to match.
Outfit 2: Denim & Kimonos
I'm not one for getting my legs out unless its overly hot & unavoidable. I live in trousers and jeans so this one is for the girls who might wanna dress more casual or if the weathers not looking too great. I chose two different denim styles; high waisted & boyfriend. Pairing both with white bralets, which could be swapped for any colour as well as some light trainers e.g. converse. A kimono is perfect festival attire because they're light and flowy so you won't get too hot with it on. I'm currently looking for some long summery ones as an outfit idea for myself.
Outfit 3: Co-Ords/Shorts
Now I'm not a shorts person but it appears that shorts are always a go to item for festivals. If you don't want to go for the usual denim shorts, a great alternative is a pair with a nice print or even going one step further and getting a co-ord. I know Missguided is great for Co-Ords at the moment so check them out. Again a kimono is great to throw on top especially if you're a little self conscious. A good pair of boots should help you trek through the mud without losing a shoe, can't beat a pair of Dr. Martens. I opted for a bum bag for this outfit, if you're not carrying much & don't want the annoying bag on your shoulder this is probably the best thing to go for.
Outfit 4: Jumpsuits
First of all I LOVE this jumpsuit. It popped up when I was putting this outfit together on Polyvore. The best thing about jumpsuits is they can be worn through all weather conditions. This paired with a nice shoulder bag and some converse maybe would make a cute summery outfit. Damn I like this even for a normal day. The accessories for this outfit are just colours within the jumpsuit that can be made to stand out more.
I can see me still deciding on an outfit next week to be honest. Let's hope that's not the case! Hope everyone that's going to festivals this summer has fun, I've just finished uni so this is my end of education celebration basically. 
If anybody wants me to style a particular item, comment it beow.
love&kisses, Tee xo
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Monday, 1 June 2015

Hair Care: Recommended Products for Natural Hair

These products are recommended based on my experience.
I don't even know if anybody will be interested in this post but I get a lot of lovely comments on my hair so I thought I'd share
 some of the products I've been using for a while and highly recommend. This post is mainly aimed at girls with afro-textured hair because most of the products are quite oily/greasy & I know they work better on that type of hair from my own experience but are not limited to that audience only.
They may/may not work for all but hopefully for some ...

 Organics Hair Mayonnaise (Conditioner)

If you do not have this in your life...GIRL!
This is probably the MOST recommended of all the products I'm going to list.
I use this as a conditioner and let me tell you it has saved my hair in the process. It is great for weak and damaged hair as stated on the front but guys, this does wonders for your hair I'm telling you. I use probably 1/2 or 3/4 of a tub all over my hair (the more the merrier) and then put a plastic cap on top or cling film works too and leave for about 30 minutes. Wash it out and then I'm good to go. It's been really good for my scalp and keeping my hair soft. So I definitely recommend this!

Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner (Grease)
Even though it's called a conditioner, this is actually a grease.
We all know by now that coconut oil is great so I'm not surprised this product works well. I just use this when I grease my hair and it is very moisturising and stays like that for a good amount of days. I don't know what else to say about this apart from if you're looking for a good grease for your natural hair this might be the one. I have used this Blue Magic grease for a long time and can say it has been great in keeping my hair greasy for a good few days and not drying out instantly.
 ORS Heat Protection Hair Serum (Heat Protector)

This product was actually recommended to me by someone else. Years ago I followed this american black girl on Tumblr and she had such amazing long natural hair so I messaged her asking if she had any tips and she recommended this. Not gonna lie it took years until I actually bothered to buy it but I should have done so a long time ago. Believe it or not I've never used heat protector before this, which means my hair is probably so damaged in places but the first time I used this and my hair went dead straight I was so shocked. It smells good and is oily so it moisturises your hair as well as protecting it. Saves all that greasing the hair before straightening to get it straighter (DON'T do that) I feel like my hair straightens better with this, as well as, using my carbon comb whilst straightening.
Organic Root Simulator/ORS Olive Oil Sheen Spray

To end the list, a spray but not just any spray. This spray is the one! I'm pretty sure most black people have this in their household already lool but I'll still include it. I've noticed that when my hair is feeling a little dry I spray this on the ends and edges and brush it through and my hair is softer and easier to maintain. This is great for spraying over hair to add a little more moisture or a little sheen. I sometimes spray it over my bun when I'm done to add a sheen to it but it's also great on the scalp. Also if you have braids and just want to moisture your scalp it says on the tin it's good for that.

Hair after washing vs Hair after straightening

I've listed the products in the order that they would be used from washing hair to styling it. All these products can be found in Paks and other hair shops. If people want any further info on them from my experience, contact me on my email in my sidebar rather than my comments so I can give a direct and thorough response. I'm not a hair expert, these are just my opinions and although they might not work for everyone, every tip helps I guess.

love&kisses, Tee xo
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