Friday, 30 March 2012

A Quick Note To Everyone ♥

Hey lovely people! Thank god it’s friday & what a lovely one it is!

Can't believe the weeks gone so quickly. This time last week I was blogging about the Motel Rocks sample sale & preparing for the Dr. Martens warehouse sale. Been a lovely week as well, loads of sunshine & hot weather. Been sitting in the park during lunch breaks at college. Sad to say it’s ending today though. Anyways let me not babble on. I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you to everyone that’s followed me or viewed my blog. I’ve only been blogging for about 1 month & a bit now and I'm loving it! I literally can’t wait to get home & blog when I do something interesting. I’ve finally reached 1000+ views as well! I didn’t even think that many people would be interested in what I have to say. Also thank you to the people who have commented my blog posts.I do appreciate all the support & feedback!

Have a lovely weekend!

love&kisses, Tee xo

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Had to get a photo of what my friend Gloria was wearing today! The way she walked into lesson looking so glam! Loving the big blazer which she threw over her shoulders and the matching docs ! Seeing evryone with those bags lately, I like the bigger ones. Such a casual bag for the daytime, nice for college as well! Of course no sunny day is complete without the stunnas, loving her retro style shades :)
Dont watch the location LOL! Was in burger king getting the king of the day 'Chicken Royale' not very royal to my tastebuds to be honest!


Saturday, 24 March 2012

(I havent given this post a title because I want you to just admire the photos first!)

Another Sunny Day! London weather is getting better!
Today I took my first trip to brick lane for the Dr. Martens warehouse sale in the Old Truman Brewery. 9000 pairs of shoes all for £25 each! EACH! In the shop they're around £85-95 so this is a major bargain! I got there around 9.30 and by then the queue was miles long, people had been queueing since 7! Finally got in, to find boxes galore full of Dr. Marten shoes, boots and wedges! Literally it was one man for themselves. They wasnt selling any of the popular black or pink patent ones or any you would find in the store, I think these were the ones that they have in their warehouse they want to clear out. Still for £25 who cares! They also had a load of checkered shirts, sweatshirts & tshirts for £5 each so I couldnt help but buy 2 :) my friend bought 5!! I found this pair of nice black patent ones with a oilslick effect they're called Dr. Marten Langston Petrol , they look nicer in person than in the photo, I've been wanting DMs so much lately that this sale couldnt come at a better time! 

After finally emerging from the sale after 3 hours, the queue outside was still the same length! We looked at the vintage market downstairs which was lovely! Camo jackets for £15, studded shorts & chanel print inspired shirts! Will definitely be going back there. On the way back to the station I had to get some snaps of brick lane's graffitti work I always hear good things about this place and their art, so thought to check it out for myself. Its amazing how you can visualise such a small picture and paint it on a wall 10x bigger than your paper! It goes to show that the canvas you paint on doesnt matter, nor does the size, if your artistic then you will suceed!

Two days of sale shopping in lovely weather! Perfect! Hope you have a great weekend guys!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Let's Kick It Old School.

 Retro Phone Cases, The Beatles & The Rolling Stones.
Just a few shots I've taken today in photography & at home. Loving the gameboy iphone case, cant wait to move to iphone, blackberry is killing me! Me & Stella have the retro cassette case, hers is for iphone mine is for blackberry. Zahra's top (white top) is of the iconic moment when The Beatles took their album cover photo on the zebra crossing of abbey road. I am hoping to put these photos into my sketchbook this way I can get a bit of fashion into my work. Wanted a rolling stones top for ages, was lucky to get this one in primark.


Sunday, 18 March 2012

This Weeks Snapshots #2

Setting Up My Nail Varnishes For My Blog Post.
Christian Louboutin Selfridge Window Displays.

New Dress!!
Hairs Grown Alot Since I Last Cut It In August, YAY!

Favourite Nail Varnish - Barry M Pink Flamingo

    Saturday Night Out...La Porchetta.

Hope everyones had a good week! Monday tomorrow *yawns* lets start again :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Escada & Nail Varnish Collection

Recieved my sample from escada today of their new 'especially escada' perfume. So i was expecting a little bottle of it but instead got this postcard with a magazine style peeler with a small cloth sprayed with perfume underneath. My mum told me about this perfume so I requested a sample on their website,it is actually a lovely perfume, smells very nice!! Think I'll be adding this to my perfume collection soon :)

(From left to right ) BarryM: Pink Flamingo x2, Cyan Blue, Grey, Mint Green, Strawberry IceCream - Superdrug.

(I'm wearing the pink flamingo in the escada photo above)
Rimmel London Disco Ball & MUA I <3 U - Superdrug |  Nails Inc London Victoria&Albert | Crackle, Base Coat & Top Coat - Primark | Avon Top Coat.
The first four nail varnishes I bought from the market. I love the bottle of the black one! 
The fourth one from the left is by 'La femme beauty' they are sold in paks hair shop for about £1 & dry quite fast! 
(Last 2 On The Right) Nail Tip Whitener By Miss Sporty, Sally Hanson Hard As Nails - Both Superdrug

Thought I'd share my nail varnish collection with you guys. Plan to make it increase alot this year, love love love painting my nails. If you know any good ones let me know! 


Monday, 12 March 2012

Rita Ora.

Newly signed to JayZs Rocnation record label, Rita Ora, is the new girl in town. 
The british albanian singer is in the charts currently with her collaborated single "Hot Right Now" ft. DJ Fresh!

Aside from the music, Rita Ora has amazing style! From trouser suits to blazers, maxi skirtss, blouses and her lovely dress she wore to the BRIT awards this year. Her similarity to marilyns monroes blonde curls and red lippy, almost make me wonder if she is set to be the next fashion icon! 
It is nice to see that it is not only models that look good off duty, I believe each industry whether it be acting or music have some great style icons within.