Monday, 27 February 2012

Alternative Fashion Find #1

The new Skinny Jordan Jean in Black and White Stripes by MOTEL.
I want these jeans so badly, but there is no way im gonna spend £48 on a pair of jeans! Just as i thought I'd have to give up, I happened to be on, one of my favourite online stores, just browsing and came across these!! The leggings version for only £9.99!! How about that! The excitement when i saw the price!
So i plan to purchase these once i get money in my account. Will do the whole OOTD as well. Think I will team it with a black shirt and biker boots or a white shirt & a black blazer . Cant wait :)

Also I'm planning to do some street photography OOTDs from the public as I saw some amazing styles today, so watch out for that!


Friday, 17 February 2012

Stylist Magazine S/S 2012

Hey Everyone,
Three Words: London Fashion Week!!! How exciting is that! Got too be one of the most important week long annual events in London! Sadly I dont have a ticket to see any of the shows but i will be watching from the live streams online (thank god!). 

Anyway this week, my sister picked up the latest edition of Stylist Magazine for me. A free weekly magazine about lifestyle fashion & everything else. I was quite suprised to see it had a glossy cover this week instead of the usual paper pages, turnt out its the S/S 2012 Fashion Special !! So we'll be keeping that safe after reading it. 

The cover model this week was none other than the lovely Miss Kylie Minogue. There are 3 different covers to collect, each one styled by a different designer! 25, the number of years kylie has been successful,  of the biggest designers styled this shoot!! Im talking Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli even Victoria Beckham managed to get in there !
The shoot really got me in the mood for fashion photography, this is exactly what i wanna do when im older hopefully one day i'll be able to take photos of famous people and have them feature in glossy magazines (fingers crossed!)

I snapped some of my favourite pictures from her shoot.


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wishlist #1

Wishlist Time!
Thought i'd do a wishlist post today for the first time. Been looking around and seen some really nice things! Dr Martens have been around for ages and i really wanna get a pair, i cant decide between patent hot pink or black yet though.I love the grunge look they bring to some outfits as well. A Blazer is so essential for me right now as i love wearing shirts alot and need a blazer to team them with, ive been wearing my sisters moschino blazer which im in love with but need to get my own asap. Striped Black & White Trousers are another must for me!! Vertical stripes enlongate your legs even though im tall, i love the pattern and im a big fan of black & white together plus when worn with heels my legs will look even longer. The camoflauge coat is just a random fancy ive seen a few people wearing them casually over their outfits and ive taken to them recently. Nude/Pastel/Brown nail varnishes are something ive been meaning to get, i will have to venture out of my favourite brand, Barry M, as they dont do the nude i want. Lastly, a bandana, ive been into the retro look lately and use alot of scarves to tie my hair up so I fancy purchasing a bandana. Hopefully i can buy some of these soon.
Thats all for now,


Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow Business.

Snow in february? What a madness!
As I wasnt sure when the snow would next return i decided to get a few shots today with my lovely girls, Lyah & Rebecca. The photo on the left was a more serious shot as i plan to use this for my vogue cover in my photography lesson. I dont know if im allowed to but if not i will try bend the rules a bit. Hehe. I love the photo on the right though, looks so much fun which it was despite the coldish weather. Photography is so much fun as you get too muck about while taking pictures and sometimes that can produce the best outcomes.
Im still new to this blogger stuff so i dont know what else to say but hope everyones enjoyed the snow while it lasted! Lets pray no more comes back for now.



Hey Everyone. Welcome To My New Blog. Excited Much!!
Lets cut to the chase :)
My names Tia & I love fashion & photography. I've always wanted to start a fashion blog. So today is that day when i finally take a step forward. I want to study fashion photography in uni *fingers crossed* and im going to use this to display my current projects and work. I currently study A Level photography so I will be sharing some of my college work on here. I'm more about style than swag. Style is knowing how to put pieces together and pull them off in your own way. Thats what fashions about for me. I dont think you can ever take too many photos; photos tell better stories than words sometimes and they hold memories for longer.
Look forward to blogging; follow me on tumblr also;
Love&Kisses xo