Friday, 17 January 2014

Now Usually I Don't Do This But Uhh....

Necklace - Mum's | Skater Dress - New Look |Watch - eBay |Boots - River Island

The title of this post is actually the opening line to RKelly's "Ignition" song but in relation there are two things I don't usually do often. Post mirror photos on my blog and wear dresses. I can't seem to find anywhere to take outfit pictures, hence the lack of them on my blog, so this is a one off because I liked this outfit quite a bit. Which leads on to the second thing...I'm wearing a dress & not a long tshirt, an actual dress. 
 I picked up this grey skater dress in the New Look sale even though I believed there was nothing in there for me & I LOVE it. So much, that I want to wear dresses all the time now. I went through a phase of wearing midi dresses last year but that soon died down and back came the jeans & leggings. This dress is so light and just the right length & fit for me. I need to invest in another pair of boots because I live in these ones. I love chunky heeled boots and these vagabond dupes are the most perfect boots to grace my wardrobe. I have to say this outfit worked for me in so many ways & it can be worn now or in summer with some variation. 

My second term project is well underway and I'm thinking of basing it around Marilyn Monroe. Hopefully I'll be able to share a few images on my blog when it's done. Its my styling uni so that means I can shop with a good excuse (hehe) I look forward to getting it done.

love&kisses, Tee xo 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year. New Things.

First let me say..
 H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R
Hope everyone has a prosperous 2014. Bigger & better things! 

So lately I've been suffering from a small, small shopping addiction. This week I cleared out a lot of old clothes I don't like and don't wear so I can make space for the new ones because I had no space AT ALL. Despite this though I still found myself in West End on boxing day at 9am (the time you are supposed to get there for if you want something decent) looking for some sale pieces. Now, I must admit I wasn't too impressed with many shops boxing day sales but one shop that never fails me is River Island. All the above items are from their sale, which I saw online a few days before boxing day. I'm not an online shopper when it comes to sales because I prefer to see exactly what the item is like in person.

Teen Vogue Fashion Handbook & Wah Nails Downtown Girls - I have been wanting these two books for ages and I can never find a reasonable price. As soon as I saw them in the RI sale, I popped instore on Christmas Eve and they'd already put them out so I couldn't resist for £5 each. 
Monochrome Snood - I tried this on a few days before the sale and was so happy to see it on sale on Boxing Day. It's a really thick snood, my favourite type of scarf and the pattern as well as the black & white made me want it even more.
Now. This Jumper - I can not wait and I am waiting for somewhere to wear this fine piece of clothing. This was £15 in the sale and so worth it. It reminds of a jumper I saw in Zara a while back with that padded material. There was an all black one but I thought I'd give that colour scheme a skip for once and go for this one because I do love the colour blue. Outfit preparation is already in progress for this jumper, best believe! Words can not describe my love for this jumper. So glad I managed to get up and went early.

I also got a jumper in the H&M sale, but even that sale did nothing for me and I love that shop. I guess there is only so much a girl can buy! 

love&kisses, Tee xo