Friday, 17 April 2015

Mini Primark Home Haul

Black carpet looks great. Until it attracts dust like a magnet. Then it's not so great. 
I went into Primark a while ago, I was looking for work shoes initially. Somehow, as usual, I found myself buying other things. After all the phases my room has gone through; green & yellow, lilac and now black and white, I've finally gotten my room to how I want it to stay. The theme in my room currently is clearly black & white. I have black carpet & white walls with my monochrome floral theme wall. Simple colour palette, a lot of greyscale. Anyways, I found myself in the home section picking up little bits to decorate my room.  

Live.Laugh.Love Frame  - I had to get this, a daily reminder to enjoy every day as it comes. 

Woven Basket - I didn't need this initially but found it fitted all the out of place bits in my room and fit neatly in my stora
ge unit. So of course it stayed.
Scented Ceramic Hearts - Not gonna lie, I thought these were fancy soaps at first. After reading the receipt it turned out they were scented ceramic hearts. They were on sale for 50p each. 

Cushion - I LOVE cushions so when I saw this instore I knew it was perfect for my room and of course had to get it.

Apologies to anyone whose eyes hurt after looking at those patterns, mine sure do.

love&kisses, Tee xo
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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Beauty For Less

Would you believe me if I said I'm in loveeee .. I got both of these for under £5!
How about under £3 then.
Being the bargain hunter that I am, I'm always looking for ways to get expensive products for cheaper. Usually eBay comes through in those situations but this time it did not. I've recently been feeling to do false nails again. I'm starting to miss them and I've been wanting grey nails for ages now. The only grey I could find that I liked was OPI's Cement The Deal but for £11.95 I couldn't justify it. Also I was about to splurge on a new camera so £12 for nail polish was looking hella expensive! So I decided to search the internet in hope of a cheaper alternative. Lowe & behold!


An online site that sells popular beauty products for up to 70% less. Guys, I paid 99p for the Revlon nail polish and the Sally Hansen one came to £1.99. God is good! They would of come to nearly £10 if I bought them in a shop. With tracked postage (£1.99) and a little 5% discount code I found on Google it came to under £5. Tell me how I went from £11.95 OPI dreams to paying under £5 for two big name brands.  They also stock some high end fragrances and other makeup items like Mac & Bobbi Brown makeup as well as Calvin Klein lipsticks for £1.99 & L'Oreal ones for £2.50. They do state that occasionally some items they sell are unboxed or damaged (this will be stated in the product details) but everything is brand new & genuine. My nail polishes weren't damaged though & 100% like the products you'd buy instore, they came a week after ordering and were packaged safely in a box. I love the colours & can't wait to do my nails again. I knew I had to share this site with you guys, it doesn't stock everything but it's definitely worth a search before settling for high street prices.
I recommend searching by colour for nail polishes/lipsticks.

Use 'Treat10' to get 10% off until the 19th April 2015 if you check it out!

How could I not bring you in on such greatness!

love&kisses, Tee xo
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Thursday, 2 April 2015

March Favourites | Less is More

My March favourites doesn't consist of a lot this month. It's only two things.
Firstly, this shirt I got in the American Apparel mens shirt I got in their sale. Why did nobody tell how great their sale is before please. I never buy from them because I can not afford the prices in there but when I saw they had a sale for up to 90% off, was I really going to give that a miss...NO! Their sale is a favourite alone. I visited the Oxford Street branch and saw this shirt in the mens section, from £54 to £10.80, in a size small or XL I opted for the bigger size to wear in summer with some high waisted jeans and crop tops. Yes, I'm planning summer outfits already because I'm so over this British spring weather. Sun, rain, 100mph wind, rain, sun. OVER IT! 

My second favourite is a big one, my new baby. I got a new camera guys. FINALLY! Come see bae. After A LONG TIME of being indecisive on what camera I wanted, I initially decided on the Canon 700D but caught a glimpse of the 70D whilst I was browsing the tech section of John Lewis for the 100th time and decided that I wanted to go all out. I photographed the box because I'm using the camera to shoot the photo. It was expensive, I won't lie but JL care insurance makes me feel better and I went on eBay to get my memory card to save a bit of money. Also if you buy selected cameras/lenses until 6th May Canon are doing cashback so I got £50 back. I don't think people understand that my old camera was 8mp and the 70D is 20.2mp. This camera has WiFi too which means I can remotely control it from my phone. I can't deal. I'll do a review eventually.

love&kisses, Tee xo
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