Sunday 29 April 2012


Hey Everyone!
My blogging seems to be getting more and more distant. I just haven't had the inspiration to blog due to AS exam stress! Got exams in 3/4 weeks so blogging time goes down & revision time goes up I'm afraid! 

On a good note! I am blogging today! I was looking through my mums reveal magazine and came across a coupon for £1 off May's COMPANY magazine, never read this magazine before but I see its name pop up now and then so though why not. WELL! Let me just say, I've never spent more time examining a magazines texture than the actual content but COMPANY magazine's paper is AMAZINGGG! Seriously If you don't believe me go out and buy it! It's not the usual glossy paper you'd find on other fashion magazines its just really smooth and undescribable! LOL can't believe im babbling on about paper here!

Moving on.....The content of the magazine itself impressed me alot! It covered music, high street fashion, street style, DIYS & bloggers, all the latest trends and even celebrity interviews with Reggie Yates & Rihanna!! Theres even a page with tips on how to achieve the latest nail tren 'Stiletto Nails'. Kate Bosworth takes the front cover of May's issue with her dip-dyed hair & this month's issue comes with a combined eyeliner, one side being liquid and the other is pencil, soon to be tested.

I'm lost for words on how great this magazine actually is! It was definitely worth blogging about, excited for next months issue.

love&kisses, Tee xo
(Apologies for the dullness of the photos.)


  1. Good Luck with your exams! I feel your pain, uni deadlines and exams are killing me! I bought this COMPANY two days ago! Still haven't read it yet but this blog post is making me even more exicted to! Great post! x

  2. mhhh i love the page with all those floral bralets- i'm searching for on for ages nowwww and still haven't find a good one which doesn't cost about €50. well, looks like it's a cool paper and if i didn't live in germany, i would definitely buy one! x

    1. ahh man such a shame they don't have them in germany! x


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