Tuesday 14 February 2012

Wishlist #1

Wishlist Time!
Thought i'd do a wishlist post today for the first time. Been looking around and seen some really nice things! Dr Martens have been around for ages and i really wanna get a pair, i cant decide between patent hot pink or black yet though.I love the grunge look they bring to some outfits as well. A Blazer is so essential for me right now as i love wearing shirts alot and need a blazer to team them with, ive been wearing my sisters moschino blazer which im in love with but need to get my own asap. Striped Black & White Trousers are another must for me!! Vertical stripes enlongate your legs even though im tall, i love the pattern and im a big fan of black & white together plus when worn with heels my legs will look even longer. The camoflauge coat is just a random fancy ive seen a few people wearing them casually over their outfits and ive taken to them recently. Nude/Pastel/Brown nail varnishes are something ive been meaning to get, i will have to venture out of my favourite brand, Barry M, as they dont do the nude i want. Lastly, a bandana, ive been into the retro look lately and use alot of scarves to tie my hair up so I fancy purchasing a bandana. Hopefully i can buy some of these soon.
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