Monday 27 February 2012

Alternative Fashion Find #1

The new Skinny Jordan Jean in Black and White Stripes by MOTEL.
I want these jeans so badly, but there is no way im gonna spend £48 on a pair of jeans! Just as i thought I'd have to give up, I happened to be on, one of my favourite online stores, just browsing and came across these!! The leggings version for only £9.99!! How about that! The excitement when i saw the price!
So i plan to purchase these once i get money in my account. Will do the whole OOTD as well. Think I will team it with a black shirt and biker boots or a white shirt & a black blazer . Cant wait :)

Also I'm planning to do some street photography OOTDs from the public as I saw some amazing styles today, so watch out for that!


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