Friday 17 February 2012

Stylist Magazine S/S 2012

Hey Everyone,
Three Words: London Fashion Week!!! How exciting is that! Got too be one of the most important week long annual events in London! Sadly I dont have a ticket to see any of the shows but i will be watching from the live streams online (thank god!). 

Anyway this week, my sister picked up the latest edition of Stylist Magazine for me. A free weekly magazine about lifestyle fashion & everything else. I was quite suprised to see it had a glossy cover this week instead of the usual paper pages, turnt out its the S/S 2012 Fashion Special !! So we'll be keeping that safe after reading it. 

The cover model this week was none other than the lovely Miss Kylie Minogue. There are 3 different covers to collect, each one styled by a different designer! 25, the number of years kylie has been successful,  of the biggest designers styled this shoot!! Im talking Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli even Victoria Beckham managed to get in there !
The shoot really got me in the mood for fashion photography, this is exactly what i wanna do when im older hopefully one day i'll be able to take photos of famous people and have them feature in glossy magazines (fingers crossed!)

I snapped some of my favourite pictures from her shoot.



  1. i wish i could be on LFW, too -.- it would be so nice if somebody would give me the opportunity to be there xD
    in btw i love the magazine! seems to be very great *_*


    1. I know right! LFW is a great fashion event to be involved in! xx

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