Saturday 28 February 2015

Shooting With Ellen Atlanta

Ellen from

Trying to do a shoot at LFW is a bit tricky, when other photographers are surrounding you trying to take shots too.
Something I've been wanting to do for a while is shoot blog photos for another blogger and knew when I got my client project for uni that was what I was going to do. In case you don't know I am currently studying Fashion Styling & Photography, specialising in photography at uni. I contacted Ellen to see if she would want to collab for my client based project & her blog and was glad when she was happy to work with me. 
She's such a lovely girl in person, so glad we got to meet and work together. She'd never been to London Fashion Week before & wasn't prepared for the swarm of photographers that approached her every time we tried to get around the courtyard. Literally every time I was about to take a photo somebody appeared beside or behind me. 
That's just part of the fashion week experience I guess.
Check out Ellen's post on this outfit for details here
Pictures have been added to my portfolio as well, link below.

love&kisses, Tee xo
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