Monday 9 July 2012

LCF Week: Team Disturbia!

These are some of the photos me and my group produced from our shoot. We planned & styled the outfits together and shot the photoshoot ourselves and I love the outcome. I will also post a link to our short fashion film at the end of the photos...
*Disclaimer* I am not taking full credit for any photos or the video as it was a team effort!

Please also take time to look at our short film here and our blog here!

Thanks to LCF for such a lovely experience and teaching me new things. I also met Maggs from LeFashionguru there, she is such a lovely girl in person.

 love&kisses, Tee xo


  1. Love this. Rachel is such a great model. Your theme is really good too.
    So great seeing you there, we should link up real soon xx

  2. Yeah she was great! Thankss & defo xx


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