Sunday 8 July 2012

LCF Week: Summarised with an OOTW!

Denim Shirt - H&M, Leggings - Random Shop, Headscarf - Primark, Jewellery -F21, Mums & Primark
With Dr. Martens

 I was planning to do an OOTD daily but the LCF course had me extremely tired each day so I waited til today to do it. I decided to post my favourite outfit of the week only instead of each days one so this is really and OOTW instead of OOTD. My fav look was Thursdays (denim shirt...) I love this silk scarf, I bought it in primark a while back and this is my fav way to wear it.

I took part in a week long Styling/Photography course at London College of Fashion. On wednesday we had our photoshoot my groups was like a cavegirl/badgirl theme & using our homework of investigating 'Structure' we tried to incooperate that in our shoot too by using clothes like a corset that define the females body stucture and bone patterned tights to just show bones. Thursday we shot our fashion film it was great fun and I got to help direct it as well. Running up and down camden looking for a corset really got me thinking about being a stylist and probably having to do this most days. I'm still unsure of whether I want to be a stylist or a photographer, I mean, you can be a fashion photographer and just style your own shoots but a fashion stylist doesnt really take pictures. Overall it was great fun & a good experience, I totally recommend everyone look for some summer courses in stuff they're interested in because I'm glad I did it PLUS it will show more interest on your personal statement. I'm going to post a few pictures & my groups video as well in a seperate post. Please take a look... I can now officially start my so-called "summer" holidays. Mo' Rain, Mo' Problems!

 love&kisses, Tee xo


  1. This was good sounded like u got a lot of experience. The outfit suitec a photogragher/stylist ;)

  2. Your headscarf is really cute


  3. sounds like such a helpful experience! Love the outfit!!


  4. This is gonna sound SO random, but I was on Facebook wishing this girl Derya from my college Happy Birthday and a girl had posted just before me and I recognised the picture from here and I think it's you? Haha I must sound crazy, let me know though xx

    1. Omg! Yes I just checked, yep thats me lool! No way you go to my college ahaa x

    2. What are the chances?! I've never seen you around before though x

    3. I know right! I was thinking the same thing lol our college does have alot of people in it though x

  5. love your denim shirt!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  6. love love love the outfit , so cute xoxo


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