Friday 29 June 2012

One Step Closer...

I wrote this post akready but blogger went dodgy and made me delete the text so ... Take 2!
 I've officially finished college for the summer now. Can't believe I've done half of college already, goes so quick! Next week I'm going to London College Of Fashion for their styling/photography/makeup summer course, I'm so excited. This will help me to take me one step closer to deciding whether uni is for me and if this is what I want to do. I found my old bratz journal from primary school the other day and inside it said  "I Wanna Be A.. Fashion Stylist!" I actually didn't realise how long I've wanted to do this and it has motivated me a bit more. 

I was thinking of doing an OOTD post for what I wear to LCF for the week, I'm not sure yet though. I might plan some outfits out this weekend so I'm not stuck on the day. I hope the hot weather we had yesterday comes back, my maxi skirt is still untouched and I can't wait to style it with my other clothes. I'll try to keep my blog updated on what I get up to on the course as well.

Hope everyone has a lovely summer. Time to enjoy ourselves! If your working though, think of all the lovely summer outfits you can buy after payday!

 love&kisses, Tee xo


  1. congrats Tee! I found an old Barbie journal and i said i wanted to be a vet so different to what i want to do now! I'd love to see OOTD's, looking forward your update posts :) x

    1. It's weird how we had certain ambitions from a young age though :) thanks will try and remember to actually take photos lol x

  2. Congratulations Tee and all the best during the summer course



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