Tuesday 5 June 2012

BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra Academy: Street Style Workshop.

Excuse my stiff posture!
Left2Right: New Look Platform Trainers  | H&M Bag | Converse
H&M Mens Shirt | New Look Jeans

Look at those nails!!
So since friday 1st, BBC Radio1 & 1Xtra have been running a free academy in Hackney Picturehouse to help young people get inspired and try new things. Alot of artists who started off in hackney have been taking part as well, on friday I attended a Q&A with LABRINTH & LEONA LEWIS! *fangirl moment* I love Labrinth, he is such a cutie!
Me & my most stylish girl Elisha, attended a fashion workshop yesterday with the lovely girls from Work It! It was a street style workshop and we had to go out and take pictures of each other & strangers to capture different styles. We put them all on a blog but I can't seem to access it at the moment. It was so good to get tips on how to approach people to take photos of them, I will definitely think about a street style section for my blog as I know now how to approach people, after it had finished Lisha & me got to be on radio and talk to Vis on 1Xtra *cue another fangirl moment*
The academy is sooo good and the people there are really friendly. Im attending another fashion workshop on monday and a Meet the industry Q&A soon with Reggie Yates, Fearne Cotton & Paloma Faith!!!!!!
Above are some of the photos taken of Lisha & me by each other and other people. 

Academy Website Link: BBC Radio1 & 1Xtra Academy
You can sign up for the academys Q&A sessions via this link & you dont have to live in hackney.

Tee xo


  1. This workshop sounds like it's really interesting and fun. You both look great!


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