Saturday 9 June 2012

Study Leave/Half Term ... In Snapshots.

Taken from academy facebook.

Nephews Baby Timbs | Watching XFactor Auditions At O2 | Blurry Pic Of Labrinth (Major Fangirl Moment) | Inspiring Messages On Wall @ Hackney Picturehouse (Mine Is The Stylist One) | Stunnas On | Nails & The Polishes Used | Radio1 & 1Xtra Academy Stuff | Faux Nightwalks & Platform Brogues From Linzi Shoes | Project To Be Done For LCF | New Tumblr Layout

Thats pretty much what I've done these past two weeks. Back to college on monday for 3 weeks *damn* but I get to see everyone again, have missed my college lot. Got this bulky package from London College Of Fashion today with a sketchbook and a project brief inside to complete by the 2nd July, investigating the word Structure including fashion imagery, makeup, beauty and lighting. This is simialr to what I had to do for my photography exam so I should be fine, will try and post some updates of any ideas I come up with. 

love&kisses, Tee xo


  1. Whoa! busy girl!! all the best with everything


  2. those faux nightwalks are amazing! Also, I'd love to go watch the x factor auditions, looks so much fun x

    1. They really are! Xfactors great, the bad acts are soo funny! x


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