Saturday 24 March 2012

(I havent given this post a title because I want you to just admire the photos first!)

Another Sunny Day! London weather is getting better!
Today I took my first trip to brick lane for the Dr. Martens warehouse sale in the Old Truman Brewery. 9000 pairs of shoes all for £25 each! EACH! In the shop they're around £85-95 so this is a major bargain! I got there around 9.30 and by then the queue was miles long, people had been queueing since 7! Finally got in, to find boxes galore full of Dr. Marten shoes, boots and wedges! Literally it was one man for themselves. They wasnt selling any of the popular black or pink patent ones or any you would find in the store, I think these were the ones that they have in their warehouse they want to clear out. Still for £25 who cares! They also had a load of checkered shirts, sweatshirts & tshirts for £5 each so I couldnt help but buy 2 :) my friend bought 5!! I found this pair of nice black patent ones with a oilslick effect they're called Dr. Marten Langston Petrol , they look nicer in person than in the photo, I've been wanting DMs so much lately that this sale couldnt come at a better time! 

After finally emerging from the sale after 3 hours, the queue outside was still the same length! We looked at the vintage market downstairs which was lovely! Camo jackets for £15, studded shorts & chanel print inspired shirts! Will definitely be going back there. On the way back to the station I had to get some snaps of brick lane's graffitti work I always hear good things about this place and their art, so thought to check it out for myself. Its amazing how you can visualise such a small picture and paint it on a wall 10x bigger than your paper! It goes to show that the canvas you paint on doesnt matter, nor does the size, if your artistic then you will suceed!

Two days of sale shopping in lovely weather! Perfect! Hope you have a great weekend guys!



  1. Loving this post Miss.Tee I wna go brick lane they have such style there. Really like the dr.martin stuff u bought and u finally got a pair
    xoxo think:pink

  2. great pants..and nice photography!


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