Thursday 15 March 2012

Escada & Nail Varnish Collection

Recieved my sample from escada today of their new 'especially escada' perfume. So i was expecting a little bottle of it but instead got this postcard with a magazine style peeler with a small cloth sprayed with perfume underneath. My mum told me about this perfume so I requested a sample on their website,it is actually a lovely perfume, smells very nice!! Think I'll be adding this to my perfume collection soon :)

(From left to right ) BarryM: Pink Flamingo x2, Cyan Blue, Grey, Mint Green, Strawberry IceCream - Superdrug.

(I'm wearing the pink flamingo in the escada photo above)
Rimmel London Disco Ball & MUA I <3 U - Superdrug |  Nails Inc London Victoria&Albert | Crackle, Base Coat & Top Coat - Primark | Avon Top Coat.
The first four nail varnishes I bought from the market. I love the bottle of the black one! 
The fourth one from the left is by 'La femme beauty' they are sold in paks hair shop for about £1 & dry quite fast! 
(Last 2 On The Right) Nail Tip Whitener By Miss Sporty, Sally Hanson Hard As Nails - Both Superdrug

Thought I'd share my nail varnish collection with you guys. Plan to make it increase alot this year, love love love painting my nails. If you know any good ones let me know! 



Feedback is much appreciated! Tia Aaliyah xx