Thursday 30 June 2016

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Recently, I was contacted by Juliana from and asked to take part in their #UltimateVegasStyle competition. I was asked to put together some outfits inspired by "A Day in Vegas"! Although I've never been myself, the bright light 24 hour city is one that is well known to many people so I couldn't wait to start creating.

I decided to go for two outfits; day and night. Starting with something casual to explore the city and ending with a more classy evening outfit to hit the strip at night.

Vegas Daytime - Shopping & Bowling

To start off the day I thought I'd go for something casual but stylish. A nude long sleeve bodysuit, complete with matching YSL bag, teamed with a pair of denim frayed shorts evens out the bare skin ratio and would allow me to be comfortable whilst walking around the city. Even though converse tend to have their good and bad days, for me they are great for casual days and walking around. The beginning of my day would be likely to start with shopping. Fashion Show mall (here) would be my first choice; even away from home I can't miss a chance to hit up stores like Zara or F21. After shopping, I may head for a a spot of bowling at Brooklyn Bowl in the LINQ Promenade. I love bowling, it's such a competitive game yet so much fun to play with friends. So why not!

Vegas Nightlife - Dinner & Casino

For the evening, I'd head back to my hotel and change into this lovely white culotte jumpsuit, I'm currently obsessed with flowy culotte anything. Pairing them with a marble clutch bag filled with all my bits and pieces needed for the night including some change for a possible casino trip and a mini lip kit for touch ups after dinner. Lastly to complete the outfit, some beautiful white floral printed Louboutin Houghton platform heels and I'm off for dinner at Voodoo Steak before heading to the Voodoo rooftop nightclub to party my night away.

For ideas on where to stay/shop/eat visit the website and check out for great offers!

love&kisses, Tee xo

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