Monday 20 July 2015

Wireless Festival Accessories

Silver cuff ring - eBay | Tribal Stone Rings - Primark
Hamsa Necklace - eBay | Layered Birthstone necklace - Primark
I popped into Primark to pick up some bits in the approach to Wireless and found these really nice tribal stone rings for about £3.  They came in a pack of 5 and went so well with my blue nails. I also wore this silver cuff style ring which I got from eBay for about 99p with my two tier silver ring. I've become obsessed with rings nowadays, I have to remember I only have two hands.
My necklace choices were between two so I just chose both in the end. The hamsa hand comes from eBay and I love that it is believed to protect you from evil because we all need that. The leaf and flower gem one is a layered necklace from Primark and the gemstone is my birthstone for my birthday month, December.
Clearly I had a thing for blue this day. I wanted it to match the dress I originally planned to wear but it was so hot that day I opted for my  thinner black maxi dress instead and just knotted it to make it shorter.
love&kisses, Tee xo


  1. These acessories are so beautifully boho! Works fantastic as accessorie to any festival outfit!


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