Thursday 2 April 2015

March Favourites | Less is More

My March favourites doesn't consist of a lot this month. It's only two things.
Firstly, this shirt I got in the American Apparel mens shirt I got in their sale. Why did nobody tell how great their sale is before please. I never buy from them because I can not afford the prices in there but when I saw they had a sale for up to 90% off, was I really going to give that a miss...NO! Their sale is a favourite alone. I visited the Oxford Street branch and saw this shirt in the mens section, from £54 to £10.80, in a size small or XL I opted for the bigger size to wear in summer with some high waisted jeans and crop tops. Yes, I'm planning summer outfits already because I'm so over this British spring weather. Sun, rain, 100mph wind, rain, sun. OVER IT! 

My second favourite is a big one, my new baby. I got a new camera guys. FINALLY! Come see bae. After A LONG TIME of being indecisive on what camera I wanted, I initially decided on the Canon 700D but caught a glimpse of the 70D whilst I was browsing the tech section of John Lewis for the 100th time and decided that I wanted to go all out. I photographed the box because I'm using the camera to shoot the photo. It was expensive, I won't lie but JL care insurance makes me feel better and I went on eBay to get my memory card to save a bit of money. Also if you buy selected cameras/lenses until 6th May Canon are doing cashback so I got £50 back. I don't think people understand that my old camera was 8mp and the 70D is 20.2mp. This camera has WiFi too which means I can remotely control it from my phone. I can't deal. I'll do a review eventually.

love&kisses, Tee xo
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  1. Just found your blog and fell in love with it- had to give you a follow! So jealous that you can control your camera from your phone....definitely something we NEED to look in to :p
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

    1. Aww thanks hun! Definitely worth it.
      Loved your post x

  2. Still saving up for that camera!! Pricey, but definitely worth it. Please do the review soon girl!

    1. Definitely pricey but worth it!
      Will try and get a review done x

  3. That camera sound amazing! Oh and btw, the shirt looks very cool!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog


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