Thursday 9 April 2015

Beauty For Less

Would you believe me if I said I'm in loveeee .. I got both of these for under £5!
How about under £3 then.
Being the bargain hunter that I am, I'm always looking for ways to get expensive products for cheaper. Usually eBay comes through in those situations but this time it did not. I've recently been feeling to do false nails again. I'm starting to miss them and I've been wanting grey nails for ages now. The only grey I could find that I liked was OPI's Cement The Deal but for £11.95 I couldn't justify it. Also I was about to splurge on a new camera so £12 for nail polish was looking hella expensive! So I decided to search the internet in hope of a cheaper alternative. Lowe & behold!


An online site that sells popular beauty products for up to 70% less. Guys, I paid 99p for the Revlon nail polish and the Sally Hansen one came to £1.99. God is good! They would of come to nearly £10 if I bought them in a shop. With tracked postage (£1.99) and a little 5% discount code I found on Google it came to under £5. Tell me how I went from £11.95 OPI dreams to paying under £5 for two big name brands.  They also stock some high end fragrances and other makeup items like Mac & Bobbi Brown makeup as well as Calvin Klein lipsticks for £1.99 & L'Oreal ones for £2.50. They do state that occasionally some items they sell are unboxed or damaged (this will be stated in the product details) but everything is brand new & genuine. My nail polishes weren't damaged though & 100% like the products you'd buy instore, they came a week after ordering and were packaged safely in a box. I love the colours & can't wait to do my nails again. I knew I had to share this site with you guys, it doesn't stock everything but it's definitely worth a search before settling for high street prices.
I recommend searching by colour for nail polishes/lipsticks.

Use 'Treat10' to get 10% off until the 19th April 2015 if you check it out!

How could I not bring you in on such greatness!

love&kisses, Tee xo
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  1. Love the look of the Revlon one! Such a bargain as well I'm going to have to check out that site ;)

    Vanessa // VNSX x

  2. The Revlon one is everything! Just followed x

  3. wow that is such a great buy! I love the Revlon color. Sally Hansen one is pretty too.


    1. Both are great, I love the Revlon one most though x

  4. Loving the grey nail varnish!!! Defo a wish list buy x x


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