Saturday 31 January 2015

January Favourites | A Bit of Everything

L.A. Pro Concealer in 'Fawn' | MUA eyeshadow | L.A Girl Lipliner in 'Cocoa' Benefit They're Real Mascara 
MYNY by DKNY fragrance (left) | Zara Black Peony fragrance (right)
Topshop Lace Bralet | Poundland photo frames | Primark glass jar mug
I'm trying to be an actual not occasional blogger this year. Next month will make the 3rd year of having a blog and I want to make good use of it. So here's hoping that monthly favourites become an actual thing on AmorTee...

All these items, except the lipliner, are my everyday favourite bits to use. Why did I not know how great L.A. Pro concealer was! I hear so many people mention it but little did I know that it was so good. I purchased mine from eBay but colour matched it first in Beauty Base in Westfield (they'd run out of Fawn). The Benefit They're Real mascara was something I refused to fall victim to until I tried the sample version & realised that it was as great as they said, it really brings out your lashes. No need for all this 3D fiber lash business. The eyeshadow I use for my eyebrows, cheap & does the job and this lipliner is the perfect brown shade for my skin colour for £1.99 in Beauty Base.

My two most favourite scents at the moment are these two. Usually my everyday scent is Lady Million but as a lover of nice smells I have been trying to find alternatives. I'm not gonna attempt to describe the scents but they are definitely worth trying if you are near a perfume counter or Zara anytime soon. Zara are great for affordable but great perfumes.

Clothing & Homeware
First of all, I'd like to thank Topshop for considering girls who don't have small boobs when making this bralet. I actually wore this for my birthday night out, I posted a photo on my instagram of it. It fits so perfect, has good coverage and I was able to be no bra gang for the night with good support. Lastly homeware bits, these frames are a £1 each guys. Just get to your local poundland and grab them all, I have like 7 now. Great place to put exhibition postcards & favourite quotes. This glass jar/mug is also my new favourite cup which I can happily sip cranberry juice in all day whilst I procrastinate do work.

love&kisses, Tee xo
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