Wednesday 17 September 2014

LFW - Topshop Unique S/S'15 RTW

One of my favourites from LFW this year was Topshop Unique S/S'15 mainly for the colour palette and these three looks. The first one was a personal fav because I loved the colour blue of the skirt or skort, I'm not sure, it was such a cute little outfit, I wasn't a fan of the fit of the jacket though. Secondly, this playsuit! It's like a large white shirt but in playsuit form, so perfect! This caught my eye as soon as it hit the runway! I'm hoping this is a playsuit though and not a two piece but I need it is everything. Lastly, don't I love a camel coat. I'm so glad to see this somewhere on a runway because that justifies me buying a new one and wearing it 24/7. This is not the style I would usually go for but I love how clean and simple it is with the four buttons down one side. Also Cara Delvigne starting and ending the show with a cheeky smirk, loved that!
love&kisses, Tee xo
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