Sunday 16 March 2014

Slow Spring Transition..

Top & Leggings - Zara | Boots - New Look | Watch - eBay

So I remember saying how I wouldn't put mirror pictures on my blog anymore but I was passing through Charlotte Martin's blog here and she said something about it being easier for her to take photos like this than the digital camera ones and I 100% agree. So here's to making my blog the way I like it and more outfit posts. I mean, this is the way I take photos best tbh.

On to the outfit, aside from the boots, the main outfit is from Zara. I picked up this nice lace/chifon top in the sale and teamed it with a black bandeau underneath along with these Zara leggings which I highly recommend. The thickness is great and they can actually be worn with a short top without the embarassment of visible undergarments lol. I also got a new pair of black boots from New Look via Asos but I'm planning to return or give them to my mum because I don't like the fit. This is my first attempt to edge into spring clothing this year, my aim is to wear more colour as supposed to all the neutral tones (black) I live in.

love&kisses, Tee xo 

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