Tuesday 9 April 2013


*currently sitting in Pret blogging this quick post because my mum thought it'd be a good idea to cut the internet during half term hence why I have been missing since 19th March*

Oh how I've missed blogging for the past weeks. I'm in exam preparation for photography and
I wanted to share some of the photos I've produced. These were inspired by the photographer Lee Kirby who took a series of photos of people with tattoos and without. The shoot was named Judgement and I interpreted it as how we judge people differently on appearances. All the tattoos and piercings in my photos are photoshopped in and I tried to make it as realistic as possible. I'm happy with the outcome as this is the first time I've done photoshopping like that.

So now i'm off until my next trip to Pret or when I go back to college or get internet. Whichever one of those occur first.

 love&kisses, Tee xo


  1. This is awesome I love the whole concept. You are good I wouldn't have never known those were fake

  2. I had no idea they were fake either!These are really good. Sounds like a really interesting project, I'm gonna check out Kirby's work.


  3. omg the tats look so real and so cool! love the concept! xxx



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