Tuesday 19 February 2013

EVENTS | London Fashion Week A/W '13: Day 5



First of all let me say that the girl in the blue jumper & red heels was BEAUTIFUL! If she isn't a model someone needs to scout her. The last day of LFW was, as usual, packed with bloggers, photographers and fashion lovers. Thankfully the sun was out and shining down on Somerset House so the lighting was decent enough for photos. Managed to see all the bloggers I never saw on Saturday including the Twins from London's Closet, Remi & Lucia. All in all the last day was good and I'm glad I went back. I love the street style aspect of London Fashion Week as I think this is where the real style lies. Even though you have to know the real ones from the 'only for fashion week' ones. My friend Fola took some images as well (she snapped the twins photo & the last image on the right) and then we left. Can't believe the 5 days went by so quick. 
Now I'm off to catch up on the other bloggers LFW posts. 

 love&kisses, Tee xo


Feedback is much appreciated! Tia Aaliyah xx