Sunday 27 May 2012

What I Haven't Blogged: Mums Birthday!

Before I start hitting you up with a load of photos, HEY EVERYBODY! I know I've been blogging still whilst doing exams but now I'm fully back & will be blogging alot more! I didnt blog this post during exams as I wanted to have time to write it up. Both my parents are born in may AND the day after each other, 21st & 22nd!! We went out for a suprise dinner for my mum on saturday 19th at the most amazing turkish restaurant in lower holloway! I bought my mum the Zara Shopper *seen in my may wishlist* in black. Literally her face lit up when she realised she'd got it. My dad however is on holiday so I didnt get to see him & exams would of stopped me going up to birmingham to see him if he was here :( 
 I did however take some photos from my mums birthday on the 21st... 

I couldn't wait to put on my New Look american flag tee! 
If im honest I can not remember what I wore with this tshirt that day but it was a lovely day & my mum loved all her presents! She even got a 'peace and love' charm for her links of london bracelet. So proud to have a great mother like mine, she is most definitely fab at 50 <3
love&kisses, Tee xo


  1. ur mum is so cute.. bless her.. and u guys look alike.btw she doesnt look 50 she looks 42


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