Monday 21 May 2012

About That Shopping Ban .. *Awkward Face*


First, let me start by saying that I am the worst person to have a shopping ban HOWEVER I am a great sale shopper! All the above items were bought in the sales and they cost me below £10 each!!

Coral Shirt - Matalan Sale £7
Striped Top, Black Vest & American Flag Tee - New Look Sale £4-£5
Cardigan & Shirt - Blue Inc Sale £5 Each

The american flag t-shirt was actually bought by my sister but I thought to include it anyway. I needed some new tops for college so I'm glad I picked up these other two in the New Look sale! I love the neon print on the black vest I cant wait to wear this with shorts or just jeans. The cardigan is from the mens section of blue inc but for £5, WHO CARES!! The shirt was also £5, it will need a bit of accesorising as the shirt is one colour even the buttons.

Well this week are my last two exams, I'm not so sure bout how last weeks ones went. This shall be a scheduled post as I am writing it mid-revision on a sunday evening. Went to a turkish restaurant for my mums birthday on saturday, was amazing! Her actual birthday is today though, I can finally give her the present she has been babbling about! Til the 27th May <3

Tee xo


  1. i'm currently trying out a shopping ban...but payday is around the corner and i don't think my resolves will be strong for long....

    great finds x

    1. As you can see I really couldn't help myself! We all deserve some new clothes once in a while :) x


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