Sunday 22 October 2017

Adulting: Life Is What We Make It

A picture of the sun setting over the ocean in Antalya, Turkey

There will come two stages in life that you will cherish: leaving behind people/energy/environments that bring you down +
appreciating the good people/things/opportunities you receive.

I'm currently going through a stage of clearance. Clearance of people, things & situations that no longer benefit me in any way shape or form. That's where my head is at right now.
Last time I wrote an adulting post it was about 'The Real World' but that ship has sailed and now I'm living the true reality of being an adult & focusing on clearing out the old that weighs me down & holds me back from being the greater version of me or just from having space.

Like how I don't really need 7 bomber jackets, a load of trainers & a library supply of books that I never use when there are people who could use/benefit from them more than me and I could sell some & spend that money on better experiences in life. Or how I don't have to be around people that make me feel worst than I feel better and create more downs in my life than ups. Or just simply how I don't have to do anything my heart doesn't desire to do.

I've had to do some self reflection in the last year on who I am & what I want from this life. To be happy is the answer. It's funny because when that becomes your spectrum/goal you start to realise how many things/people don't fit within that vision. What doesn't make me happy is getting up for a job I no longer like, to see people that don't uplift my spirit & waste 5 days of my life a week that I'll never get back...on repeat. Time can't be refunded it simply comes with no receipt to get it back when you don't use it wisely.  

So I've started having a huge clearout of clothes, which you will find on my Depop page : tiaao19 or my eBay page: taliyah19 and the rest will go to the clothing bank for someone who needs it more, I have way too much for one person and my style is forever changing so it's time to let go! I have also taken a huge step towards my happiness & future by deciding to actually leave my current job and not keep saying I will. I've never felt so strongly about something in my life but I have so much faith that God has my back & I will get more opportunities from doing this. Lastly people come & go and that is fine because negative energy is not what I need, I have the most amazing selection of good friends that I can actually fit on one hand as cliché as that sounds but it's true. I'm also going to keep up the travelling, when this goes live I will have just come back from a week in an amazing 5 star resort in Turkey which was the break I really needed and next month I will go to Amsterdam making that my 4th trip of the year!

I can only hope that things will look up for me , my positive mindset will be restored & that God and the Universe sends me great things in return! New opportunities, new great people & new experiences. After all, life is what we make it so it's worth making sure it's a good one!

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. - Martin Luther King Jr

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