Monday 4 August 2014

Product Spotlight: Olive Oil Heat Protector

ORS Olive Oil Heat Protection Hair Serum

I'm not usually one to share hair products on my blog mainly because there aren't that many that I use but I have been looking to get this product for ages and after finally purchasing it, it will forever be in my life.
A long while back, I asked a girl that I followed on tumblr (can't find her page anymore), who had the loveliest long hair, for some tips on how she kept her hair in good condition and this is a product she recommended to me. Now, I never use heat protectors which is bad but I am glad I got round to purchasing this. I used it in my hair yesterday when straightening it and I seriously don't know what I was doing without it before. It straightened my hair so much nicer and left it feeling soft and moisturised. I'm trying to use heat protecter now because I want my hair to grow a bit more before I cut the ends. This product I highly recommend for girls with afro type hair as it is quite oily. It smells like olive oil and only cost me £3.99 which is worth it for how it leaves my hair afterwards. 

[Hair straightened using product & current hair length]

love&kisses, Tee xo

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