Thursday 1 May 2014

The Long Coat Obsession

1. Zara Yellow Coat | 2. Topshop Boyfriend Coat | 3. Primark Trench Coat

Outfit 1 | The Summer Coat
Long coats aren't just for winter. With pastels being huge right now there are so many lovely pastel coloured coats perfect for spring, especially if you live in London and it is cold nearly every other day. I paired this Zara one with a Miss Selfridge 90s crop top & Topshop joni jeans for a more casual look. It would also look lovely with a dress underneath as well. 

Outfit 2 | The Boyfriend Coat
I got this coat a while back in the Topshop sale. It is big for me I must admit but I wanted it so bad I gave in. These jackets are my favourite, I really want one in black! They are like long blazers and can make an outfit look less casual which is ideal at times. I wore this one with a Primark boyfriend tee and some H&M jeans rolled up at the bottom.

Outfit 3 | The Trench Coat
This type of coat is a neverending classic. Burberry have been showcasing these types of coats for years, my mum even has hers still! The thing I love about this coat is it becomes a statement on its own. The coat is the main focus. I would wear this for a more smart casual look for an interview or everyday if you prefer. I paired it with a Primark shirt and Topshop leigh jeans. The coat is also from Primark, believe it or not!

Typical me, now that we are venturing into spring/summer I want to wear long coats.
I've been trying to upload some outfits to my instagram because I don't put them on my blog much. These are the recent three outfits that I put up and I noticed that all the coats in them are long ones. Since buying my Zara yellow coat I have become obsessed with long coats.  I've been thinking about getting one of those near ankle length macs but I'd probably get stuck in a train door or trip over it.

Asos has 25% off for students which ends tonight. I know they have some great ones!

love&kisses, Tee xo


  1. Love the one to the far right- whenever I see trench coats, I immediately think of parisian fashion, they look great on everybody! Love love the skinny high waisted jeans.

    Thrift Shop Blues

  2. I love the long coat trend; it's so classy and elegant. I'm your 90th follower. *dances* You've only got 10 more to go till you reach 100. You planning on doing anything when you reach 100; I'm planning on hosting a giveaway? Atm I'm following you on GFC? Would you like me to follow you on anything else? Please come and check me out and if you like what you see, follow me back xx


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