Tuesday 4 March 2014

Styling Project - Ms. Monroe

So I've literally just handed in my styling project for term 2 at uni and I never thought it would be so tiring. I used myself as the model and it was quite fun but I think I must have taken over 100 images just to get the perfect 5. We had to choose a style icon to style in five themed contemporary looks; from l-r denim, suit & tailoring, evening, sportswear, own choice. I choose Marilyn Monroe as my icon, I always loved her figure and the way her clothing complimented it. We had to put a contemporary twist on the looks using the icons style elements. I used red lips, white, black and high waisted denim as my style element as well as the mid length dress. The pastel suit is my most favourite, ugh! I found it in Topshop for a hefty price but so worth it!
Can't believe I'm nearly onto the last term of the 1st year, time has been flying by! 

love&kisses, Tee xo 


  1. Love this! You look gorgeous in all of these outfits :) The first 2 are my favourites <3 xoxo


  2. this so cool i love the first 4, i hope you get a good grade

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