Monday 2 September 2013

Lush Lilac Stilettos

 Stiletto False Nails - Primark | Lush Lilac by MUA

Let me just say that MUA used the perfect word to describe this colour, lush is exactly what it is! 
This is currently my favourite MUA polish, it was 'Frozen Yogurt' but that has now been beaten. It is a lovely pastel colour almost pink but you can see the hint of lilac in it. The MUA range only charges £1 for its normal polishes so I am always looking through them in Superdrug to see what's new. You'd think for that price the quality might be rubbish but you really only need two coats & it dries straight away! Aren't their bottles looking a lot like the Essie ones though, cheeky dupe! Highly recommend this range, they also do makeup for a good price as well.
 I decided to do my nails for my friends suprise birthday party & finally got round to using this set of stiletto style nails I picked up in Primark a while back, as soon as I'd painted them I fell in love. I had to take them off the next day for work though, but I'll definitely be doing my nails again soon probably for uni. Which I never mentioned, I got into LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION!

love&kisses, Tee xo


  1. cant believe these are primark! wanted some for ages and the colour is amazing x


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