Wednesday 6 February 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Blog!

 06.02.2013 - Happy 1st Birthday AmorTee!!

This day last year I eventually decided to stop thinking and start doing in terms of blogging. 12 months later it feels I have been doing this for longer. Through blogging I have shared several outfits, photos from my days out, life updates and photography work as well as fashion posts about things I like. I even shared my LFW street styles snaps here when I attended for the first time last year.

Everytime I get a new follower I am happy because someone actually wants to read my posts. I have 8000+ views which is not much compared to be the bigshots on blogger but for someone like me who does it as a hobby it is something and I am sooo grateful!!
Thank you to every individual viewer, person that leaves a comment and follower!

 love&kisses, Tee xo


Feedback is much appreciated! Tia Aaliyah xx