Sunday 17 June 2012

Sunday Stylist: Tumblr Favourites...

 Shirts&Shorts, NikeBlazers, ChanelPrint, PositiveQuotes, PlatformSneakers, JCs & StilettoNails.
These are some of my favourite photos I've reblogged on tumblr this week. I may do another post like this next week, there's so many great photos to share from tumblr.

 love&kisses, Tee xo

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  1. I'm kinda obsessed with Tumblr lool. I go on almost everyday, there's just so much inspiration and beautiful things there. I love that it can be used as a way for people to express themselves...

    P.S. I nominated you for an award on my blog, I hope you get a chance to do it x


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