Thursday 21 June 2012


Basically I won the hackney weekend tshirt competition on monday and they're giving me hackney weekend tickets YAYY!! butttt CRISIS!!! I don't know what to wear. I've never even been to a festival type concert & you know london weather. HELPPPP!
Calling all bloggers, fashionistas & people that know style!
(Its a 50/50 thing whether I can get them in time for sunday, hope I do!)


  1. Woo, congrats Tee! I've never been to a festival/concert so i'm not too sure what you are "meant" to wear but i'd go for comfort with some stand out pieces. I think maybe denim bottoms (skinny jeans, shorts and tights) will keep you warm but look great with your holographic docs, and some layered pieces on top, maybe a hoodie and jacket, a collared shirt and jumper on top? Your nails or a hat could add some bright colour maybe to tackle all this rain! You'll look great whatever you wear! :) x

    1. Omg Temi you are great!! I was already thinking denim shorts & docs :) I like the layering idea seeing as its gonna be about 18 degrees anyway! thankss xx

  2. woohoo hope you had a great time x


Feedback is much appreciated! Tia Aaliyah xx